Donald Trump Exclusive

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 15, 2015

GR: "When you become president will you make the Pledge of Allegiance, will you reinstate it, the words “one nation under God” so everyone says the Pledge the way we used to when we were in school?

Trump: Well, I hadn’t heard that question before, but the answer is yes. I would do that. I think it’s terrible, what’s happening. You can’t use the word Christmas anymore. You say “Merry Christmas” and it’s not politicallycorrect – and believe me, I say it anyway. But if you go to stores, you don’t see ‘happy Christmas”, “Merry Christmas” – you see “Happy Holidays”. You’re lucky you even see that! It’s just gotten crazy.

GR: So you would bring back “Merry Christmas”? You would bring back the celebration of Christmas.

Trump: I would tell the stores to use it. I don’t even think they have a legal prohibition. They put their own prohibition on it. But you put down ‘Merry Christmas’. Absolutely. I mean, you go out to Macys and any of these stores and you don’t see “Merry Christmas” the way you used to see it all the time. It’s terrible. And a lot of stores aren’t able to do that anymore.

GR: So you have the Pledge of Allegiance “one nation under God” coming back. You have Christmas coming back. What about English? Would you make it the official language?

Trump: Well, I’d certainly encourage it because I think it’s hard for somebody, and I’m not talking Hispanic, I’m talking anybody. It’s hard for somebody to make it in this country if they don’t speak English. And I think it should be. And I think it used to be mandatory, it was almost mandatory, now it’s not. And some people were talking, we go second language. I think that would be a big mistake. It’s really, really hard to make it in this country if you don’t speak English.

GR: I agree. But would you make it the official language?

Trump: I would have to give it serious thought, but I would certainly encourage it very strongly."

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