2nd Exclusive with Donald Trump

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 15, 2015

GR: "What do you think about Dr. Ben Carson’s resilience? In the national Fox News poll, he’s right behind you, 24% to 23%. In the key states, South Carolina, Nevada and others, you lead him double-digits, but what do you make of the fact that he’s still in it? And if he’s not nipping at your heels, he’s still in the rearview mirror?

Trump: Yeah, he is. And you know he’s been very nice to me. And I’ve had a good relationship with him. I really can’t figure out anything. I see some of these people, Carly’s gone way down since she did well in the debate and since then she’s gone very far down. Others have gone very far down. Don’t forget when he and I go so far up someone else is going down…and one of the things I don’t understand is that when some of them have zeros like Pataki has zero why is he hanging around?

Geraldo: Why is he hanging around? You think its ego?

Trump: I don’t understand it. They make fools out of themselves. You wonder why do they hang around, Lindsay Graham; you know a number of them. I think it’s very bad for their brand; it’s very bad for them. But they must know something I don’t know, I mean they go on the debate stage, they’re introduced as having zero, they’re on the other set, the undercard, they call it the 'Children’s Set', I refuse to call it that. And you wonder why they are doing this, I mean it’s not like oh they’re going to have some kind of a surge. It’s not going to happen.

Geraldo: You have Hillary Clinton. What do you think of going up against the First Lady? At that debate she was pretty calm, competent, and more attractive than she’s been for months. Do you fear Clinton opponent, do you relish it? What’s your position?

Trump: No, there’s nothing to fear. I mean look she’s done a very poor job as Secretary of State, she’s had nothing but problems, she’s still got to deal with the emails despite what Bernie said, which I think was a great sound bite but a mistake.

Geraldo: 'Nobody cares about your damn emails!'

Trump: You know what though, that was his only chance and he gave it up. But she is under investigation by the FBI so I don’t know, we’ll see what happens but I think she’s totally protected by the Democrats so I don’t think anything’s going to happen, not because she’s not guilty because she probably is guilty.

Geraldo: Guilty of what, what is she guilty of? What’s the crime?

Trump: You’ll have to ask General Petraeus cause he got suspended sentence of 2 years in prison and other people got suspended sentence and they went to jail for the same thing. But actually for much less. So it’s not a question of what I think, it’s a question of what’s been happening over many years, the people who do this stuff go to jail, I mean General Petraeus his life was destroyed for doing really much less than what Hillary did. IT’s not for me to talk about the crime. It’s for the FBI. That being said however, I think she’s totally protected by the Democrats and I don’t think the Democrats will do anything to her.

Geraldo: So the US Attorney in DC will not do anything, that’s a Democrat, you won’t see any real action because the democrats will protect her even to that extent?

Trump: I think so yes, and it’s a double standard and very unfair to the people who have been convicted of major crimes.

Geraldo: You know you had yesterday a second Republican Congressman Richard Hanna of NY said “sometimes the biggest sin you can commit in DC is to tell the truth. This might not be politically correct but I think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual Hillary Clinton.”

What do you think?

Trump: Well I think that was a big step for him to come out and certainly it’s not a…for the Committee.

Geraldo: It’s a second Republican.

Trump: He’s a Republican and I saw that last night and that certainly is not going to make Trey (Gowdy) and the group very happy but we’re going to have to see what happens, it’s really up to them. I know nothing about the evidence. They might have the case, but we’re going to have to see. But I think she’s just got a bad record of being Secretary of State.

Geraldo: That’s true.

Trump: The world imploded around her. Everything that you’re reading about now took place, it just, Libya, just look at everything, the world has gone to hell. The world has become a battlefield. It all took place during her term and a little bit after her term.

Geraldo: That’s my position! Run against her record, not this phony stuff. Is it possible that this Benghazi investigation is a partisan witch hunt?

Trump: Right, I know, I don’t know. I really don’t know. I wouldn’t want to say one way or the other. I doubt it. But again, I don’t want to get into that because I don’t know. But what I do know is that her record is terrible. And I think her record is really the thing I could tell you, that if I’m the nominee, I’m going after her record, I’m not going after anything else. I’m going after her record, because her record speaks for itself.

GR: And I think that’s fair game."

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