Final Excerpt with Donald Trump

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 15, 2015

Final excerpt from my exclusive interview with longtime friend and former 'Celebrity Apprentice' boss Donald Trump this morning. Excuse the overlaps as we talk heatedly about the Latino protesters who interrupted Trump’s rally last night in Las Vegas.

Geraldo: “Finally, I get to immigration, those protesters, as few as they were, they do represent a lot of Latinos. The surveys I’ve seen, still the majority of Latinos are very unfavorable toward your candidacy.

Trump: No… look at the Nevada poll. 38%, I lead with the Latinos, as you would say, or with the Hispanics, as I would say. I lead with the Hispanics with 38%. I have a substantial lead.

GR: But why not moderate it? Since you have a lead (Overlap)

Trump: The Hispanics that are here legally love Trump because I’m going to produce jobs. You know how many Hispanics I employ.

GR: But why not soften some of this rhetoric? Soften some of it. I mean, you’re not going to go door to door. The Donald Trump I know is not going to go door to door and say, ‘Let me see your papers’.

Trump: Geraldo, I’m just saying, I’m leading with Hispanics and (Overlap)

GR: But what about what I just said?

Trump: A radio host who competes with you on the air, and he’s Hispanic and he was on one of the shows the other day. And he said, it’s amazing, every one of my listeners that calls in, they love Trump. And it’s a Hispanic radio show in New York! And they understand. I love the Hispanics! You know that!

GR: You love me! (Laughs)

Trump: I love you! I know you’re only half Hispanic but I love you anyway!

GR: You only love that half? Not my Jewish half?

Trump: I love both halves!

GR: Okay great. So, let me take you to a Spanish restaurant. Let’s do this. (Your wife) Melania, (my wife) Erica, we’ll have some fun.

Trump: I wouldn’t mind doing that. I wouldn’t mind that at all! I’d love it. Geraldo just so you understand, I have thousands of Hispanics that work for me right now. Over the years, I’ve hired tens of thousands.

GR: But you’re scaring people with the rhetoric though.

Trump: They are phenomenal people.

GR: But why not ease off on the rhetoric?

Trump: Well, I think I have eased off. I don’t think my rhetoric’s tough. If you look in the 1950s, take a look at when Dwight Eisenhower was President and what he did. I mean, it was much tougher. And what he did was incredible. He moved millions and millions of people out. And he did it, and nobody complained. It was a different time, but nobody complained.

GR: Alright, we’ll debate that further. (Overlap)

Trump: One of the things we have to do is we have to be here – you know, we want to have people come in legally.

GR: Are you ready to be President?

Trump: I am ready. I am ready. I just want to make our country great again. That’s what I want to do. I want to make our country great again. And we can do it, Geraldo.”

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