Their Ratings, Their Rules

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 16, 2015

They used to say in theater that without Jews, Gays and gypsies there is no Broadway. The same goes for presidential politics. Without Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson there can be no presidential debate. 
When the two leading candidates said they felt they were being exploited by CNBC for ratings, and then joined in threatening to boycott the pending debate unless it was shortened from three to two hours, there was really nothing the network could do but to acquiesce.
Donald is not just angry that he was the main attraction and the network was getting a free ride to sell all those commercials and that he is not getting a piece of the action. He is also conscious of the fact that he wilted during the third hour last time, losing focus and concentration as it droned on and on. 
His threatened boycott alone would have been enough to change the network's mind; when his leading contender Dr. Carson joined Trump, the network had no choice but to cave.
Their ratings, their rules.

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