Trump Whirlwind

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 19, 2015

As he is prone to do, Donald Trump stirred up a political whirlwind when he essentially blamed President George W. Bush for the devastating 9/11 attacks that happened on 43's watch.
It happened as Trump was clawing apart rival presidential candidate Governor Jeb Bush's frequent claim that his brother Bush 43 "kept us safe," Trump says hold on, 3,000 died on that terrible day, how is that keeping us safe?
As with Trump's other outrageous remarks like those about Senator John McCain and POW's, and even more notoriously, about Mexican immigrants mostly being drug dealers and rapists, this 9/11 reference ignited a furious reaction.
From Jeb Bush and other Republicans it was basically, 'How dare Trump?' Their basic response to his apparent blasphemy was shock and outrage. Trump was unmoved, pivoting from alleging a gigantic national security failure to suggesting that his, Trump’s "extremely, extremely tough" policies on immigration would have keep the 9/11 hijackers out of the country.
That was curious because as far as I know all the 9/11 hijackers were here on legal tourist, student and business visas. Rather than seizing on that technicality, Jeb Bush more expansively blamed 9/11 on the terrorists who carried out the attacks.
CNN’s Jake Tapper then got in the exchange that won the weekend. “You don’t want to have your brother to bear responsibility for 9/11, but why are the terrorists not the ones who are responsible for these attacks in Libya,” Tapper asked. “How do you make the jump that President Obama and Secretary Clinton are responsible for what happened at Benghazi?”

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