Don't Blue Lives Matter Too?

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 21, 2015

The NYPD has lost another hero, the fourth cop killed in the line of duty in just the last ten months. It happened at about 10:30 last night, 33-year old Officer Randolph Holder shot in the forehead during a gunfight on a pedestrian overpass on the FDR Drive near 120th Street…It apparently started around 8:30pm as an argument that turned into a gunfight between two rival crews based in the East Harlem public housing projects.
As police, including Officer Holder closed in the gangsters beat it, with the cops in pursuit. One of the perps then stole a bicycle at gunpoint and was making his way across the overpass to the walkway that hugs the East River there near Hell Gate not far from Gracie Mansion. As shots were exchanged between that suspect and the pursuing officers, Holder was mortally wounded.
The suspect was shot in the legs and captured around 124th Street. Three other suspects were taken into custody around 111th St. and were being questioned early Wednesday.
At least two guns were recovered, according to police who closed the FDR Drive for hours for their investigation, and dozens of folks abandoned their uber cars and cabs and walked across the usually busy roadway toward First and Second Avenues to catch another ride.
As they usually do under these dire circumstances hundreds of off-duty cops converged on Harlem Hospital for a melancholy vigil. But by 11:30 last night, about when Erica and I were coming in from a birthday dinner downtown, it was over, authorities announcing that the unmarried but much beloved cop, an immigrant from Guyana and the son of a cop had died.
A black man wearing blue has been killed. Where is the community outrage? Where are the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ and the ‪#‎Occupy‬ Wall Street protesters? Don't ‪#‎BlueLivesMatter‬ too?

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