Grilling Hillary

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 22, 2015

It’s Hillary’s date with destiny or at least with the GOP-led panel investigating the 9/11 assault on our consulate in Benghazi Libya three years ago. She’s got to convince the American people that she did not botch our response to the terror attacks that ultimately ended in the murder of our ambassador Chris Stevens and three other heroes.
But the expected grilling she’s been anticipating will probably not be as hot as it might have been a few weeks ago, now that the Republicans on the panel have been burned by charges that they’re nothing more than a partisan hit squad whose goal was never getting the truth about Benghazi as much as it was to tarnish and taint the character and political prospects of Secretary Clinton, the probably Democratic nominee now that Vice President Joe Biden has bailed on making the race, as I expected he would.
What I don’t expect to hear too much about today is her use of a private email server. With the motives of the Republican panelists impeached and the once cocky members being hounded by the press over the charges of unfairness, the odds are what we’ll be hearing today is a fairly predictable recitation of where the secretary was during the attacks and whether there was anything she did or did not do to avert the tragedy that has haunted her and the Obama Administration since the ambassador was killed in 2012.
This is the 8th congressional panel to probe the Benghazi attacks, but in fairness to Republicans, it’s really the first one to have access to the secretary’s records. So, what did she know? When did she know it? Will be asked and answered.
But the opposite side of the political coin is also clear. 72% of the American people surveyed by CNN agree that the real purpose of the panel is to make Clinton’s candidacy another casualty of the Benghazi attacks.

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