They Got The Gun

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 26, 2015

Driving home from Kennedy airport last night, and driving down the FDR I saw a police boat with its blue light flashing and remembered that Marine Patrol cops had been searching for the gun used in the murder of NYPD officer Randolph Holder who was shot and killed in a shoot-out with a scumbag Tuesday night in Harlem.
Having dived with those harbor patrol cops in those dark, swirling and murky waters of the East River near Hell’s Gate, I knew that the divers were facing extremely difficult daunting conditions. The river there is at least 20 feet deep, and the bottom there is an oozing muck that has sucked up centuries of junk into its dark embrace. There’s near zero visibility and basically the search is done by feel rather than by sight.
But those cop divers are total studs and they had vowed to find the weapon the killer was seen tossing into the river after he shot Officer Randolph Holder between the eyes in their shootout last Tuesday night.
So I googled the search and was extremely gratified to see that early Sunday morning divers had recovered a weapon authorities say is “consistent” with the gun they were looking for. It’s a .40 caliber Glock found with a round still in the chamber. The weapon and shell will now be forensically tested to see if they matches up with the casings that were found both near the initial shootout, and 102nd street where the initial shootout took place, and near 120th street on the FDR when the suspect 30-year old career criminal Tyrone Howard was shot down and wounded by cops.
So assuming the gun matches, that is a big step to nailing the son-of-a-bitch cop killing creep. Anyway Erica, Sol and I get to the apartment, and after shleping the bags up the elevator, there at the front door are the newspapers that have piled up in our absence. On top of the pile is the Sunday New York Post. And on the front page is the headline “Disgrace” Same week a cop is killed, protesters F-You to the NYPD.
And there’s a picture of some guy wearing a hoodie and giving a police inspector a close-up middle finger, which made me sick to my stomach to read about an anti-police demonstration led by a prominent Hollywood producer that featured protestors screaming obscenities at cops and flipping them the bird in an act of disrespect that would be tough to take in the best of times, much less in the same week a hero cop was shot and killed by a career criminal jerk off.
This morning, I’ll talk more about how black lives only matter to these people when they’re killed by a cop. And even a black life like Police officer Randolph Holder doesn’t count because he was wearing the blue of the NYPD.
But now I hear that the Reverend Al Sharpton has accepted an invitation to speak at the slain officer’s funeral tomorrow. And this morning I’ll tell you why I think that is a good thing, and long overdue, because if the minority community makes cops the enemy, that’s a sure recipe for more crime and violence and the violent end of more black lives.

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