What should the school cop have done?

by Geraldo Rivera | Oct 28, 2015

Morning, There is a problem with prosecuting the South Carolina sheriff's deputy for the violent takedown and drag out of the disruptive 16-year old female student who was refusing either to surrender her cellphone or leave her classroom.
First of all, the student was being a selfish brat who deserves suspension from the school for her stubborn, and even violent refusal to follow legal instructions from her teacher and an assistant administrator, even before the school resource officer was called to the scene.
The force then used by the cop forcibly to remove the child seems excessive and has generated enormous controversy around the nation. Race also raises its ugly head. He is a white cop with a record of excessive force allegations; she is a black student whose previous record is so far confidential.
What would you have done?
Black or white, the 16-year old student was being outrageously rebellious. She was preventing her fellow students from being educated, and she was defiant in her refusal to follow legal orders from appropriate authorities.
When first confronted physically by Deputy Ben Fields, she appears to pound on his chest with clenched fists as she struggles to prevent his removal of her physically from the classroom. Her blows were ineffective, but there is no doubt she hit the officer; which may be a misdemeanor.
But again, what would you have done?
I guess the cop, the principal and the teacher could have emptied the classroom of all the other students and the child's parents could have been called to talk sense into her and read her the Riot Act.
That said, without a doubt, if she was my daughter I would have been furious with the authorities for laying their hands on her. My lawyers would be threatening lawsuits and I would be looking to punch somebody in the nose.
But I would have also been incredibly disappointed with my daughter's grossly unacceptable behavior.
I don't think Deputy Fields behavior was criminal. Initially, he tries to reason with the child, as the teacher and principal had previously done. He does not appear to strike or choke her. She is said to be uninjured except for something like a rug burn. Law enforcement experts surveyed apparently agree that his conduct does not exceed the outer limits of reasonable force. He will be cleared of criminal, if not civil liability,
She should be punished for her behavior and transferred to another school and a fresh start. He should find work outside of school where his zeal could be better used to arrest actual criminals.
But really, what would you have done as the grownup in that classroom?

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