Mets Lost -- Monday

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 02, 2015

Happy Monday, hope you have a nice weekend. If you did and live in New York it’s probably because you didn’t watch any local sports. The Mets choked, losing the World Series in five games to the Kansas City Royals, 7-2; the Royals coming back after trailing by more than two runs in the 8th inning three times. If you were Mets manager Terry Collins would you have let the Dark Knight ace pitcher Matt Harvey stay in the game to pitch the ninth inning? He had dominated the Royals, shutting them out for eight innings, and striking out eight of them. But he couldn’t hold them in the ninth, even though everybody in Citi-field wanted the Mets’ ace to finish the job, and they would have burned Collins in effigy if he didn’t let Harvey try.
Anyway, the Jets and Giants also played their part in wasting our weekend. At least the Giants put up a fight against the New Orleans Saints, in a scoring orgy, losing at the punch out at the bell 52-49.
But Trick or Treat. Halloween was the biggest news this weekend, aside from the epic traffic jam created by the world's largest 50,000runner and a few million spectator-strong, otherwise wonderful New York Marathon, the kids and their costumes was the most fun news. Sol was adorable as an Eskimo. Her mommy was a sexy Madonna from the ‘Like a Virgin’ period. I was Sean Penn from the same era, in other words I didn't wear a costume. My older son Gabriel and his wife Deb were in town. Their 14 month old son Desi was an astronaut; my older grandson 3 year old Jace was a T-Rex. And my second son Cruz and Lauren’s almost brand-new baby Ella Rose, my first grand-daughter was a pumpkin.
Adorable, but they live in the East Bronx and all anyone was talking about was that horrible crash on Morris Park Avenue killing a ten year old ‘trick or treater’, her grandfather and another young man who was accompanying his little sister.
It sounded at first that the 52-year old driver Howard Unger was driving drunk, but police sources tell the News and the Post that the guy suffered some kind of seizure for which he was apparently on medication, which begs the question of why he was allowed to drive. All that is being investigated.

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