Talking points for tonight's Hannity

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 03, 2015

I think we desperately need universal background checks and limits on gun purchases and the sale of heavy weapons.
Also, too many urban black families do fear run-in's with cops more than they fear their kids getting jacked up by crooks.
Hillary's meeting today with the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown will help her bridge the enthusiasm gap among black voters and is smart politics as long as she resists the embrace of the increasingly toxic BLM movement.
Having said all that, it is so sad to see the denial of advocates for urban justice that the biggest, most urgent problem, is black on black violence, the inner city civil war. The failure to deal with that more passionately is a melancholy failure of POTUS.
Even Spike Lee gets it. Get the trailer from his new movie 'Chi-Raq' about Chicago violence.
He sees the ghetto carnage for what it is. There is no romance to the murders within the community. It's not as easy to get riled up over that than it is stereotyping cops as bad.
But the well being of future generations in the black community depends on it.

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