Progressive Liberal Bill De Blasio

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 04, 2015

A beautiful morning in New York City today, brilliant sunshine, pleasant maybe record-setting temperatures, the trees in Central Park taking their time shedding still colorful leaves that are clinging to their branches. All of it, making me happy to still be alive and living in the city at the center of the world.
Which brings me to Bill De Blasio, our first progressive liberal socialist mayor since David Dinkins two decades ago. Elected two years ago, overwhelmingly with an underwhelming record-low turnout of 24% of all eligible voters…barely one million out of the 4.3 million registered voters, actually bothering to cast ballots, he has been suffering from a dramatically plunging approval rating among New Yorkers.
He’s down to 38%, his lowest ever approval.
What’s behind our incredibly shrinking mayor? After being elected with 3/4th’s of the vote two years ago, why is Bill De Blasio suffering record low approval ratings? Is it lover’s remorse?
Personally, since crime remains at near record lows and the economy and real estate surge, I think it is a perception that our quality of life is deteriorating.
The most visible symptom of that is the booming homeless, vagrant, drug or alcohol-addled population explosion. Where did these folks come from? Why are they here? Why can't NYC deal with them in a modern, humane professional way? How did Skid Row come back at a time apartments are selling for multi-millions and when almost everybody who wants to work has a job?

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