Russian Tragedy

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 05, 2015

Since the Russian airliner was destroyed over Sinai in Egypt over the weekend, I have been saying that it was probably caused by a bomb onboard. The killing device was either planted on the aircraft as it sat waiting for passengers in the early morning weekend hours at the small airport in a sleepy seemingly tranquil resort community on the Red Sea, or it was carried on board by a passenger bent on suicide.
This is the gravest danger we face in the short-term. It doesn't take much more than a hand grenade with an egg timer attached to make a time bomb.
There are literally thousands of young Sunni Muslim extremists volunteers eager to sacrifice themselves for the glory of Islam and the ISIS cause.
Reject so-called experts who see our challenges as either high-tech or exotic. As the uncountable refugee swarm over Europe makes painfully clear, there is a generation of young Sunni Muslim men who have been torn loose from the bounds of civilization.
From this unsettled demographic comes our most formitable enemy, tens of thousands strong,

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