Trump on SNL

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 07, 2015

#‎BastaTrump‬ (enough Trump) is staging what organizers hope will be a massive protest vs the billionaire businessman's appearance tonight on SNL.
I have no problem with that.
He has been given a mighty platform to promote himself despite a draconian immigration policy that is harsh beyond reason and therefore counter-productive. The notion of rounding up 11 or more million mostly law-abiding, decent, hard-working folks, many with citizen-born children is at its core un-American.
But protesters tonight cannot and must not be obnoxious law breakers acting out in ways that turn sympathy to Trump and antipathy toward the cause of immigration reform and compassion.
Win support with love, dignity, reason and respect for cops, bystanders and property. Otherwise you are hurting exactly the cause you say you espouse.

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