Show Me State Cop-Out

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 09, 2015

The forced resignation of the president of the University of Missouri was a capitulation to anarchy and polticial correctness. Is the University of Missouri really the hotbed of instutional racism the protesters claim? If so, was former president Tim Wolfe really responsible? And who runs the place, the football team?
This, I think, is an example of a weak-kneed liberal administration, probably guilt-wracked because their university has been slow to integrate surrendering to loud mouthed activists who managed to disrupt campus life.
The coup de grace was when 30 black members of the football team said they wouldn't play this Saturday if Wolfe didn't resign. The team is just (3-4) on the year, and faces a tough, highly-anticipated televised game against BYU at big Arrowhead Stadium, home of the NFL Kansas City Chiefs.
The promised strike therefore represented a potential loss of millions in revenue, not to mention an international public relations nightmare.
Doesn't anyone else see the danger this disproportionate power represents? Now football teams and protesters hold sway over student councils and democratic process.
As to the activists' claim they are motivated by persistent racial slurs, who is making these scurillous remarks? There are laws against race-based slander, why aren't specific complaints lodged against alleged perpetrators?
Isn't the real beef the anger and unease that followed the death of Michael Brown, the black teenager whose death by cop in nearby Ferguson Missouri last year led to civil unrest that has barely abated? That tragedy was followed by the wholly fabricated "Hands up, don't shoot" slogan that swept the nation. What would have happened at Mizzou if Wolfe did not resign, the burning of school buildings and looting the campus bookstore?
The forced resignation of President Wolfe is a defeat for academic freedom. If the tactics of the Black Lives Matter movement spread to other campuses, this is going to be a tough year for kids who just want an education.
Shame on the University of Missouri for capitulating. What the action Shows Me is that political correctness and bullying rule in Mizzou.

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