Declare War on ISIS

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 07, 2015

In last night's speech to the nation, the president called out Congress for not passing a new and specific 'Authorization for the Use of Military Force' (AUMF), in essence a congressional declaration of war against ISIS.

In an otherwise unremarkable speech it is a profoundly important point.

Today, various GOP officials are trying to explain why it is not up to them to take the initiative; not their job. It's all on POTUS they say, that President Obama can go forth and make war on ISIS as he has been, justified by the vague and ancient authorizations that followed the terror attacks on 9/11/01.

On the day we commemorate another president's rallying this nation (in the wake of the 12/7/41 Pearl Harbor attacks), isn't right now the moment when our leaders can finally put the country first?

Aren't we passed time for slip sliding squirmy sleazy gotcha politics as usual? Isn't it time for courage? Isn't it time for both side of the aisle and both houses of Congress to serve the nation and declare that a State of War exists between the United States and the thug nation aka the Islamaic State (ISIS)?

Call out your own representative. Tell them to serve their country and not their crafty political ambitions.

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