Morning From Foggy Unnaturally Warm NYC

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 14, 2015

So far this global warming is working for the USA Northeast, unless you're a ski resort operator. By this time last year it was freezing and miserable. Last night in Manhattan I walked the dogs in shirtsleeves. My roses are blooming in Edgewater and I regret every day that I put the boat away for winter so early.

The impact is all downside though for the drought-stricken regions of Asia, Africa and especially the Mid-East. Ground water is drying up and competition for it is stoking regional disorder. Masses are on the move to greener pastures.

Hungry polar bears losing habitat don't much like the warm spell either or low-lying island nations like the Maldives threatened with inundation.

In any case, I'm glad they signed the accord in Paris. Although, as my Fox News colleagues assert, there is perhaps not scientific certainty, it is hard to look at a choking, smoggy day in Beijing and not think humans are screwing the environment. This is the warmest year on record, and the abnormalities do seem to be bunching up in this last decade or so.

Of all the issues I routinely deal with in my job, climate change is the one that most scares my younger kids.

They want a habitable planet. I just hope blaming carbon emissions and not planetary weather cycles is the right approach. Since we only have one world better safe than sorry.

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