Callous Disregard

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 16, 2015

The case against black Baltimore cop William Porter was the product of mob violence. How else to explain the charging of this officer with Manslaughter under the absurd theory that he demonstrated (beyond a reasonable doubt) "callous disregard" for the life of Freddie Gray.

What was the evidence of "callous disregard" meriting so serious a charge against an officer of the law?

The evidence was that this cop, who aside from being a black man happens also to be a native of this troubled city, did not fasten the unfortunate Mr. Gray’s seatbelt in the paddy wagon en route to the station house or the hospital after Gray's struggle with arresting officers.

This case should never have been brought, certainly not in Baltimore. The accidental death of 25-year old Freddie Gray was a function of the often violent intersection of urban cops and career criminals (like Mr., Gray). He was hurt before he was even placed in the wagon. It was factually impossible to determine how and when Freddie’s deadly injuries were sustained. Despite the difficulty in proving criminal behavior on the part of Officer Porter and his diverse fellow cops, (3 black, 3 white), the case was brought by the utterly incompetent, totally compromised city administration worried less about justice than about whether the city's West Side would again be torched by greedy opportunistic rioters.

There was never a chance that the cop would receive a fair trial in Baltimore. And I am sure that had Officer Porter's case been moved out of Baltimore, as it should have been moved; there would have been an outright acquittal, rather than a hung jury/mistrial.

The City government poisoned the atmosphere when they gave the family of Mr. Gray a $6.4 million dollar bribe without even waiting for a civil court judgment of wrongful conduct.

None of these cops is going to be convicted. I'll be talking about this dramatic development and its implications tonight on Sean Hannity's show at 10pm ET.

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