Why Trump Leads

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 18, 2015

O'Reilly asked me last night why Trump was leading the polls despite his inflammatory remarks about nearly everything and everyone who crosses him.

My answer was basically that although Trump says crazy sh*t, he does so with charm, verve, charisma and yes, energy.

He doesn't know a lot of geo-political specifics like who's president of Zimbabwe or what the Nuclear Triad is, but unlike the other candidates, he's done enough complicated, real life stuff that he gives the impression that he'll be able to sort out even the awesome responsibility of being president.

He has also tapped into the smoldering anger, anxiety and fear within the Republican base, especially among the group we used to call the Silent Majority, mostly the non-urban white folks.

His challenge after winning the GOP nomination, which he will, is to rewrite his acidic rhetoric to seem more open-minded and inclusive.

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