Muslim Vote

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 24, 2015

As I said this morning on Fox and Friends, the Muslim vote in the USA is relatively small, 1.2 million, but they can make a difference in a toss-up state like Florida.

Add their numbers to other minorities who tend to lean Democrat, including but not limited to Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and Jews, not to mention pro-choice women of all races, and you must come to the conclusion that demographically/philosophically the country is swinging perhaps forever away from the Republican base.

Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination, as I have been predicting with confidence for months. With his verve and charisma he has captured the imagination of a growing plurality of Republican primary voters. His more main-stream rivals have been humbled, and he will out-macho the less overtly flamboyant Ted Cruz.

But Trump's triumph will be a Pyrrhic (costly/empty) victory if along the way he has alienated a majority of the afore-mentioned groups.

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