Donald & Hillary

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 24, 2015

One more thing about the Donald's public schlonging of Hillary; her angry retort, and his finger wagging warning about her going down the road to further confrontation on the issue.

Unlike GOP softies like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and especially Jeb Bush, all of whom Donald devoured with a few bites, Hillary is a tough old bird who's going to be tough to swallow.

Ask Trey Gowdy. You remember him, the ambitious young prosecutor who was finally going to make Benghazi stick?

Instead he got an 11 hour public spanking during which he sweat more than Marco.

And like Hillary's email scandalette, which is also going nowhere, Trump's not going to get much traction from Monicagate, if that's what he's threatening to deploy against her claims of sexism.

Going after President Bill's sexual peccadillos is as old as put downs involving Donald's hair.

Maybe the two titans Donald and Hillary will actually have to run on the issues. In any case, that is his best (long) shot, that a Republican presidency under a strong, high functioning self-made businessman is better for America than another big hug big government Democrat.

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