Bill Clinton's Speech

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 04, 2016

When former President Bill Clinton began speaking today during his debut for Hillary 2016 I noticed the slight tremor in his hands. Having suffered health problems in recent years, he seemed more frail than we are used to seeing.

But after a kind of rambling, understated start, he spoke with growing confidence about issues, other than Monica Lewinsky. Like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton is an iconic, historic, larger-than-life character. And while the mileage seems to have taken a greater toll on the president than it has the billionaire of the same age, both are vibrant, vital, forces of nature.

The trick for Bill will not be dodging questions of his rascally ways. A majority of the American people have already given him a pass on that. His popularity during his impeachment was often north of 60%. His hurdle will be transferring his charm and charisma onto his wife, the actual candidate and victim (Trump says 'enabler, but that's way too harsh) of Bill's tawdry ways.

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