Bravo Mexico

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 08, 2016

Bravo Mexico on the violent takedown of the notorious billionaire drug lord El Chapo. 5 of Joaquin Guzman's thug bodyguards were killed in the intense firefight between them and an elite force of Mexican Marines in Los Mochis a town in Sinaloa State, El Chapo's hometown.

Coming six months after El Chapo's escape through an elaborate tunnel from a maximum security Mexican prison, the drug lord must now be extradicted to the United States.

There are multiple federal felony charges pending against him in seven U.S. jurisdictions. In Chicago, particularly, he is said to be the person most responsible for the tidal wave of heroin washing over the Windy City. Heroin abuse is the biggest political issue in New Hampshire, where a person dies every single day from a drug overdose.

Now, he must be extradicted asap. It won't stop drug abuse or trafficking, but El Chapo's arrest is good news nevertheless.

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