Trump & Cruz

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 15, 2016

First of all, Donald Trump kicked Ted Cruz' smarmy ass last night. For Cruz to diminish everybody, all of us here and everything about New York City is to attempt to gain advantage by bringing down the single most important city on earth. Trump brilliantly reminded us of that time after the 9/11 catastrophe of the Towers when the entire world rallied to our side. And we rose from the ashes on the strength of their courage and sacrifice. Why would Cruz, who never made a non-public sector dollar, nor ever served in the U.S. military, attack NYC, the city everyone wants to live in or be from, is a mystery to me.

It is like his transparently obvious move like his coming out in favor of ethanol the week after he was against ethanol, just because his pollsters told him ethanol is important to Iowa caucus goers.

And guess what, there is no doubt but that there is a real constitutional issue about whether Cruz is Natural Born.

Conclusion: Cruz will continue to fade, Trump will continue to surge, and the GOP selection process is all over but the shouting.

PS, Jeb Bush finally began showing last night he is a substantive candidate who not going to go quietly. He finally found his balls.

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