National Review Condemns Trump

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 22, 2016

In an extraordinarily aggressive move, the usually cerebral conservative journal, the National Review roused its forces to condemn the candidacy of Donald Trump. The main angle of the cover-to-cover condemnation of Trump was that he was unreliably conservative.

Because the billionaire businessman has evolved on positions ranging from gay marriage to abortion to immigration reform, the NR suggests that he could do it again, that he could back off his harsh stance on Mexican and Muslims and heaven forbid, make a deal with the Democrats.

What the magazine’s outrage misses is that Trump’s past positions, yes, his flexibility, is why folks like me hold out hope that he will moderate his harsh and harshly stated positions.

Remember before he said undocumented immigrants would “self-deport” Mitt Romney wrote the law that became Obamacare. I don’t remember the National Review hyper-ventilating about Mitt’s conservative unreliability or Ronald Reagan’s youthful liberal activism.

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