Hannity Tonight

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 26, 2016

I'm at Fox News getting ready to go on Sean Hannity's show at 10pm ET to talk about the bombshell news that Donald Trump will not be participating in Thursday night's GOP debate. His reason is that my dear colleague Megyn Kelly was not fair to him the last time around. He is also responding negatively to a mocking press release that said essentially that Donald has to get over himself and if he thinks Megyn is tough he should wait for Putin and the Ayatollah. A funny line he could easily have laughed off.

To me it is awful news. Lose/Lose. It is like a bar fight between brothers. When it is all over and the bartender is sweeping up the broken glass everyone will look at each other and ask "what the hell was that about?" I love Trump who I've known for decades. I deeply love Roger Ailes who I have also known for decades. Roger is also the most loyal friend any person can have. He has had my family's back through thick and thin for the last 15 years.

I only wish this had never happened. Roger is absolutely right on the issue. No one can dictate who a network assigns to a particular story. I wish this never happened. It will further split the GOP and help the Democrats, who are doing cartwheels right now.

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