Who Won?

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 29, 2016

To me there are three clear winners of last night's debate and only one was actually on the debate stage.

1-Senator Rand Paul was very effective in reminding conservatives that stuff costs money, even scorching the earth of the Middle East. And while I'm not a crazy libertarian, I appreciate the fact that unbridled government power to snoop is probably un-American.

2-Megyn Kelly was also a big winner. She was poised and well-prepared and despite her obvious discomfort over being such a big part of the story, she was a true professional, elegant and smart.

3-Donald Trump was the biggest winner, defying the nation's number one conservative news network, and living to tell the tale. By producing his own event, and crafting instead a hugely successful fund-raiser for veterans groups, he made the actual debate seem like the undercard, Trump vs. the Seven Dwarfs.

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