Iowa Caucuses

by Geraldo Rivera | Jan 31, 2016

Hi everybody, hope you've had a great weekend. Fox News is programming all Sunday night leading up to the crucial Iowa caucuses. Tomorrow is crunch time for the candidates, but none more than Senator Ted Cruz who has staked all on this unique state, heavily Evangelical and almost all white. If he can't stop an urban New York values sinner like Donald Trump here, then Cruz is toast.

He's right about that one thing. If Trump wins here, he wins everywhere else that matters.

On the Democratic side Sanders could surprise with a big turnout among younger voters. But do you know what's weird?

Both right and left say they are angry with the direction of the country. In broad strokes the right says President Obama has over-reached and has done too much with Obamacare and executive orders on issues like immigration reform. The left says President Obama has under-reached and not done enough about climate change, income inequality and student loans.

It just shows how wide is the partisan divide. Watch Hannity tonight at 10pm ET to find my predictions on who wins Iowa tomorrow. Thx

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