Random Thoughts

by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 03, 2016

Random thoughts this morning in New York City:

1-School of Rock on Broadway is a great musical. The lead actor Alex Brightman is a star, full of energy and charm and the exuberant kids in the band are awesome. Sol, our 10-year old also says it rocks!

2-There is No Way prosecution in Philly can go forward vs. ‪#‎BillCosby‬. Defendant specifically relied on pledge of immunity from the District Attorney when he gave damning self-incriminating statement. There is zero chance any conviction could stand up on appeal.

3- Although I love Denver QB Peyton Manning, (Cam Newton also terrific), it is hard not to root for ‪#‎CarolinaPanthers‬ since their great @CoachRonRivera is probably related.

4-I'm bummed that Senator Rand Paul has dropped out of ‪#‎GOP‬ race-Too bad. He's an original thinker-Libertarian-sober-prudent-independent-I'll miss him & hope KY returns him to DC

Have a great day

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