Voter Violation

by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 04, 2016

Realizing that most of us want to put Iowa in the rear view mirror politically-speaking, there is one lingering issue that could impact the presidential race going forward.

Senator Ted Cruz has apologized for spreading the false notion that Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out of the presidential race. Dr. Carson accepted the apology, but Carson continues to voice extreme displeasure at the dirty trick.

Since it's not a crime for politicians to tell lies about each other's campaigns, the Carson flap will go away except insofar as it tarnishes Cruz' image and credibility.

But the Cruz campaign has a bigger problem on its dirty hands. The so-called "Voter Violation" brochure it sent around to coerce potential caucus goers to turn out may be criminal.

Iowa's Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate is saying that the mailer was definitely designed "to mislead voters," by pawning itself off as a public document.

There is a misdemeanor offense under Iowa law for "Falsely Representing An Official Document. The impact of an arrest for this alleged crime could have a serious impact on the Cruz Campaign. It is already affecting the reputation of the Iowa Caucus winner, Senator Ted Cruz.

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