Artful Smear

by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 05, 2016

It is an "artful smear" to imply that because Hillary Clinton takes donations and speaking fees from Wall Street she is in the pocket of the financial industry. Unless someone can allege one single proven incident in which she has done or not done some official action that favors Wall Street, Bernie Sanders should either just keep his mouth shut or direct his fire at some identified politician who has rolled over for money.

As far as Senator Sanders saying Barak Obama has been an excellent president, well, let me just say that POTUS is not given enough credit for the performance of the economy, which keeps churning out new jobs bringing the unemployment rate down to 4.9% from a high of 10% seven years ago. No matter how fast you spin that is a fact, 4.9% is the envy of the world.

However, the president has missed the mark on many other issues including but not limited to race relations, immigration and ISIS. Bernie is charming and consistently progressive as if he is stuck in 1968, which is not a bad thing, unless you want to be president in 2017.

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