Saving Hillary From The Bern

by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 11, 2016

Afternoon, hope you have some great stuff planned for the holiday weekend. We promised Sol to take her skiing, which is the worst idea ever given that this will be the coldest weekend of the year.

In the presidential race, Hillary Clinton's campaign is promising to be more "aggressive" vis-a-vis Senator Bernie Sanders.

I guess that is necessary given the drubbing she received in New Hampshire. But if by more aggressive the campaign means louder or more screechy then their re-boot will have the exactly opposite to the intended effect.

When she shouts it drives folks away.

That may sound sexist, but it's really not. Whether someone is pleasant or not is seldom in the eye of the beholder. It is an objective fact that she is more appealing when she is speaking at a normal tone and volume like she did so effectively before the lame Republicans on the Benghazi committee.

Hillary was just today endorsed by the Congressional Black Caucus. The big question is whether the young black voters of South Carolina will heed their old congressional representatives and save Hillary from the Bern.

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