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by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 19, 2016
On the political front, I just wanted to give you my take on what's going on in the race for the White House. Just back from South Carolina earlier this week. On the Democrats side, Hillary Clinton will be saved in the Palmetto State by the black vote.

African-Ameriicans make up 55% of the primary voters and among them, President Obama maintains a 90%+ approval rating. That is why Secretary Clinton has taken great pains to show how her administration will be a continuation of his. She will win easily there, but not so easily in Nevada.

Although Nevada is more diverse that NH or Iowa, only about 30% of the Democrat vote is people of color. Black folks make up roughly 15% of Democratic primary voters (2008), while Hispanics are another 15%. Hillary should keep an big majority of them and it should be enough to offset her nonexistent support among young white voters.

Plus she has a better state organization, which should help with the relatively complicated caucus system. Hillary wins Nevada narrowly. On the GOP side, Trump was dented a bit by attacking George W.

for "lying" about Iraq. And taking on the Pope is usually not a great idea.

But he should still prevail in SC, and if he wins by double digits you might as well hand him the GOP nod, because he will run the table. I don't see anything like a surge happening among the also-rans. Jeb Bush is going nowhere, painfully.

Marco Rubio should do fairly well and may beat nasty Ted Cruz who better hope the evangelicals turn out in record numbers to prop up his back-stabbing campaign. John Kasich is not dead yet.

If he makes it to mid-March and the Rust Belt he could surprise.

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