Nevada Republican Caucuses

by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 24, 2016

The results from the Nevada Republican caucuses make clear that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. He will win in Texas beating Senator Cruz. He will win in Florida beating Marco Rubio. And he will win in Ohio beating popular governor John Kasich.

His candidacy is a phenomenon of charisma, energy and verve. It is less about anger than it is about a people tired of politicians and the corrupt institutions that are geared toward self service survival and self enrichment.

There is also this: when Trump's mouth moves, the words that come out are the words the listener wants to hear not necessarily what is being spoken.


He won the small Hispanic vote last night in Nevada. Probably because the economy is a bigger issue than immigration but also because most Latinos I know, including this one, simply believe he is saying what he needs to say to get the GOP nod.

Once he does, we are confident he will return to the moderate New York values he's held his whole life. Or he'll lose

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