My Encounter With David Duke

by Geraldo Rivera | Feb 29, 2016

It was a firsthand look inside a cross burning just outside of New Orleans with the “New Klan” and their Young Leader David Duke. They start off inside the “Patriot Book Store” of the Klan.

Duke feels that the country is headed for a depression and people need to secure their homes.

I ask Duke if there is going to be a “Racial War”

He says that there is certainly a danger of it happening.

I hold up a book called “With Hitler on the road to Power.”

Duke calls it a book about politics.

I hold up another one called “The myth of the 6 million.”

Duke claims it is about the “So called Holocaust in Europe.”

Duke claims they are about freedom of speech and having books available to the public of any nature.

I hold up one called “Mr. Jew”

Duke explains that you can’t buy books like these in any major bookstore in the country so this is why they carry them in his book store.

I meet the Klan’s Office Manager:

She blames communism on Jews and the myth of the 6 million

She says that if 6 million were killed there are still a lot of them running around these days

I asks her if the Nazis were criminals.

She says the Nazis were just regular people like we are.

A young student comes into the book store because he is writing a paper for school

He says it looks like a regular organization, like people getting together and having a good time

GR talks to Duke, who says:

"Blacks are intrinsically different than white people and they are not fitting into our civilization and society because of that there is a great deal of disillusionment and frustration and this leads to crimes problems and so forth and I think the best answer is to create their own system and society that is more attuned their culture and their heritage and their values and first have a society that is in tuned to ours

GR: you want them to live in the tropics and practice cannibalism you think that is more in tune with their genetic makeup?

Duke: whatever they want we don’t have a right to judge

GR: what if they want to stay where they want to stay, go to the good schools just like you

Duke: if they want to stay that is just fine as long as they don’t infringe upon our rights I think we can work something out to have South Africans come here if that is what you mean and the American Negros go there I think that is possible someday I think they are in an unobtainable position down there for that matter.

GR: You would ship all the American Negros to South Africa?

Duke: if they were willing to go, certainly in a voluntary program

GR: what if they weren’t

Duke: if they weren’t then I would say that they live in a white country and they should abide by our standards and our values not by theirs

GR: you said when this is an all white country but if the blacks have to leave voluntarily and don’t want to go where you want to send them how will it become an all white country

Duke: well I do believe this will be an all white country, I think the overwhelming majority of white people and the majority of black people for that matter want to be with their own kind and I think they would take that opportunity if the government gave them the opportunity to be with their own people and society

GR: you mean a free boat to South Africa?

Duke: training, land whatever they need, opportunity policy of integration is leading toward hate violence and frustration

GR: what about the KKK doesn’t that lead towards hate?

GR: parlay peoples fright ignorance into hatred racial hatred.

Duke: no I am not."

GR at cross burning: "So this is David Duke’s New KKK still hateful still committed to hateful ideas but the difference is as I see it is the violence is no longer directed at Black people per se it is directed against our values and our consciences the values and consciences of all good thinking people everywhere."


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