A Dose of Reality

by Geraldo Rivera | Mar 04, 2016

It is with dismay that I watch the flamboyant exaggeration concerning Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Scandal. Here is the truth:

1- There is no secret Grand Jury investigating her private server

2- There is zero evidence that her private server was hacked by anyone inside or outside the USA

3- There is no indictment pending against anyone, including Secretary Clinton

4- The limited immunity granted her former aide Bryan Pagliano is designed strictly to get his testimony, which he previously refused to give to the highly partisan Benghazi Committee.

5- Those who insist on focusing on this phony issue are setting themselves up for a profound disappointment.

6- Why not focus on real issues, as Governor Kasich did last night?

7- Secretary Clinton gave POTUS horrible advice concerning the Mid-East generally and Libya specifically. She is partially responsible for the chaos in that crucial region.

Coupled with its Civil War vs Donald Trump, the GOP is setting itself up for an historic defeat, going for the short money fix of praying for an indictment that will never ever happen.

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