No Chance, Sanders

by Geraldo Rivera | Mar 08, 2016

Senator Sanders has no chance to win the Democratic nomination despite the fact he may win Michigan tonight. But the strength of his appeal is a function it seems to me of the potency of the protectionist sentiments he shares with Donald Trump. The blue collar is fighting for its life and those men represent their hopes.

Speaking of Donald Trump the GOP better get used to the fact that he is the probable nominee of their party.

Senator Ted Cruz is not finished yet, but he has just about used up all the Evangelical voters in the land and is going nowhere.

Speaking of nowhere, that is where Senator Marco Rubio finds himself tonight. Governor Chris Christie destroyed him in New Hampshire. It was a political annihilation that not only destroyed his presidential ambitions, but may have wrecked his political career. He might not even win a Republican primary for Senate in Florida next election cycle.

It is going to be Clinton vs Trump for President of the United States, just as I predicted in July 2015.

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