A Spirited Routine

by Geraldo Rivera | Mar 24, 2016

Week Two on ‪#‎DWTS‬ @DancingABC coming up. I smiled reading the criticism of ‪#‎POTUS‬ dancing the tango in Argentina. He was a lot better than I was in my first dance on the TV show.

My fabulous partner Edyta and I have been working on a spirited routine for Monday night's show that should improve our scores if I don't choke or stumble. She is a saint, so patient, fabulous and charismatic.

It is not just that I'm an ancient mariner, unskilled and stiff. I also have a lame foot. But this next dance doesn't require much high-stepping so we should be alright. We're certainly going to have more fun doing the routine this time than last. Hopefully, you all will save me with your votes to see another week on the show.

People are always asking me to compare this experience to ‪#‎CelebrityApprentice‬. All I can say is that my fellow contestants are far more supportive on Dancing than they were on Apprentice. On the Trump show several of the other guys plotted my elimination right from the get go. Here everybody is cheering everybody else on. It is really a very positive and life-affirming.

On the political front, if you read this post regularly then you know I've long predicted it would be Hillary Vs. Donald for the White House. Both candidates have strengths and weaknesses. She is by far the more experienced on the world stage, but he is an intelligent, competent and compelling person, easy to under-estimate. Trump is a movie star in the sense that he is an international celebrity.

He is a great negotiator, experienced and savvy, and will not be naive about devious opponents. Of course, Mr. Trump's campaign has revealed a dark side of the otherwise positive man I know. He must modify or back off some of his more noxious positions concerning Muslims, Mexicans, Megyn and so forth. But I suspect his New York values will shine through before the end.

Mrs. Clinton is the safer choice, but she cannot deny she was part of a disastrous policy team that allowed, indeed encouraged the destabilization of the Middle East, which helped lead to some of the unprecedented challenges we now face.

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