Happy Monday

by Geraldo Rivera | Mar 28, 2016

Happy Monday morning following what I hope was a great Easter Sunday for you and yours. I'm sitting in my Dancing With the Stars' trailer after an early morning camera blocking for tonight's big live show.

Yesterday was a fun holiday brunch at the Bel Air Hotel where we stay when we're here on the Left Coast.

The rehearsals have gone well this week, but I fear that last week's disastrous premier might have sealed our doom. If so, you'll see me on GMA from New York tomorrow morning.

Not making any excuses, but I wish Len or Erin had mentioned something about the fact that I'm not just ancient, I'm also lame, essentially dancing on one good foot following back surgery that ended up killing the other foot. In any case, I really couldn't dance even when I had two feet. That is, except at my wedding when I was tequilla-inspired. (Maybe that's what I should do for tonight's big show).

Still, it has been a riot doing DWTS. Everyone, from the staff to my fellow competitors have been among the nicest people I've met in show business. My dance partner Edyta Sliwinska is an inspiration. She is a fabulous dancer and a patient teacher who deserved to perform with someone a lot more highly skilled than yours truly.

And we're not going out without a fight. Tonight's number will tickle your fancy and put a smile on your face.


Dancing With The Stars

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