Wisconsin Primary

by Geraldo Rivera | Apr 05, 2016

It looks like Donald Trump has lost the Wisconsin GOP Primary to Senator Ted Cruz. Early returns indicate he will lose by about the 10% predicted by the various polls. But what does it really mean? Only that the selection of the billionaire businessman as the Republican candidate will be delayed for several weeks.

When the process comes here to New York and Pennsylvania in two weeks and then New Jersey and finally swings out to the Golden State, California, it is hard to see how Cruz can stop Trump.

Wisconsin was do or die for Cruz in the way that New Hampshire was do or die for Trump. The remaining primaries will reward Trump with enough delegates to demand the nomination, either because he commands an outright majority going in or has a tally so close that to deny Trump the nod would cause political and maybe physical chaos.

I’ll be joining my pal Sean Hannity at 10 PM ET tonight to talk about all this. Hope you’ll join us. thx

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