Trump At NYC GOP Gala

by Geraldo Rivera | Apr 14, 2016

You saw a different Trump tonight speaking to the NY GOP Gala. You saw Trump the builder. Speaking in the Grand Hyatt he reminded everyone that it was the crumbling derelict Hotel Commodore until he maneuvered to get control of it as a 27 year old novice developer.

He re-developed the hotel and saved the neighborhood. He sold the hotel 20 years later for a $143 million dollar profit and remade 42nd street. He then went on to convert the west side of Manhattan from a mangled rail yard and tracks and wrecked piers and made it into a wonderful neighborhood where Erica and I used to live.

He made the Wolman Rink in Central Park an asset for every kid in this town including mine. And Ferry Point in the Bronx. He created jobs and he made money from enterprise unlike any of his rivals.

His point is that with USA's crumbling infrastructure he is the person who knows how to fix it.

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