Clinton Vs Trump

by Geraldo Rivera | Apr 26, 2016

Trump is triumphant and the time has come for the GOP to unite behind his candidacy.

Hillary Clinton is triumphant and the time has come for the Democratic Party to unite behind her candidacy.

As I said last July, it is Clinton vs Trump in the general election. The American people have a clear choice between the flamboyantly excessive billionaire businessman and the undeniably impressive if sometimes grating former first Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.

Ideologically, the choice is not as simple as it seems. On this I believe the unpleasant Senator Ted Cruz is correct. Mr. Trump is not the doctrinaire conservative he says he is. thank God. He (Trump) will now start the pivot to the center that will more closely align his candidacy for the White House with the positions he has held all his life, with the possible exception of abortion.

On immigration he will disavow his oft stated promise to deport the 11 plus million undocumented immigrants. He may go forward with the nonsensical wall, but he will not break up families and he will not insist that citizen children leave along with their parents.

Hillary will shake off the Benghazi funk as it becomes clear to the world that there is no grand jury investigating the e-mail scandalette.

And by the way, I was wrong when I predicted Trump will lead the GOP to an historic loss in November. He is a movie star who, once he moderates his positions will put in play places like Florida and even New York. This will be a fair fight for the presidency. Hillary is the favorite but she is not a slam dunk.

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