Solving the Transgender Controversy

by Geraldo Rivera | May 26, 2016

I have no problem with the federal government declaring that transgender are a protected class, like blacks, browns, Asians, gays, elderly etc. Nor do I have any problem with the bathroom directives. My problem is more basic. What is a transgender person/ I obviously know what the definition is. The problem is legitimacy. How do I know that you’re a legitimate transgender and not just a pervert looking to see girls in various stages of undress. The federal government might lose this lawsuit because of Vagueness. Are we required to treat everyone who says they are transgender as legitimate?

We need a definition that is consistent, clear and scientifically grounded. I have a solution:

1- The federal government issues a specific definition of what a transgender is

2- A Doctor’s Note confirming that so and so meets the federal criteria for admittance in the protected class.

My sister is a former parochial school principal for the Rockville Center Diocese on Long Island. She proposed it and it sounds brilliant for its simplicity. You get a little I.D. card issued by the Social Security Administration. No pervert is going to the trouble to sneak a peek.

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