Speaker Ryan endorses Trump

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 02, 2016

Today was a terrible day for Donald Trump.When he should have been basking in the belated endorsement from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, instead he is embroiled in another unnecessary controversy. This one concerns intemperate words Truimp has been spewing against a sitting federal court Judge Gonzalo Curiel Aside from the folly of questioning the integrity of the federal judge hearing your case, (Trump University class action fraud litigation), to do so on a racial/ethnic basis is grotesquely immature.

I get that the judge is of Mexican descent, but disqualifying him for that is gutter bullshit and beneath the dignity of the presidency.

Coming as his latest rant did in the wake of Hillary Clinton's credible speech today on foreign policy and, more pointedly, about Trump's obvious intemperance, the billionaire businessman lost votes today, and shrunk the Republican party.

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