Hillary Secures Nomination

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 07, 2016

Hillary Clinton has made history, finally securing the nomination that should have been her's months ago. Senator Sanders exposed her vulnerabilities as a candidate.

But she has moved dramatically to fix what ails her. She has modulated her tone and she has broadened her appeal.

Her rival my friend Donald Trump has done the opposite. He has aggravated and frightened his supporters by behaving like a feisty litigant rather than a candidate for president of the United States. He has shrunk the GOP.

Her moment will fade. He is too good a businessman to keep plowing and plodding dumb down the path of hubris and score settling.

But she is ahead right now by a lot more than polls indicate. Her arrows are up- his at best are level, probably dipping downish.

He must stop the bullshit and focus on the prize. Anybody who doesn't get the fact that the GOP is in an existential crisis right now is relying on grudge, disdain and spite, not logic and data.

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