Pulse Orlando

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 12, 2016

En route to Orlando. As the plane door closes 50 are reported dead and as many are wounded in the worst mass shooting in our nation's history. Because the target was Pulse a gay bar it is unclear whether the gunman's motive was Hate or because he is Muslim of Afghan descent, Terror.

Whatever, he has committed an act of slaughter that will eventually touch every Americans life.

Yes first we mourn the victims of the mass murder in the Pulse Orlando nightclub. We must find out everything there is to find out about this Savage Islamic extremist who perpetrated this crime the worst mass shooting in American history.

But we must also ask ourselves an important question: this killer who says he was inspired by ISIS but born in the United States was known to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. The FBI questioned him in 2013 twice. He was also questioned by the FBI in 2014 for suspected connections to a known Terror suspect, a suicide bomber.

There were other indications that he was an Islamic extremist. How in the world was this unstable animal able to purchase the Arsenal that he used to slaughter all those innocent people?

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