Trial of Officer Caesar Goodson Jr.

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 23, 2016

As I predicted, the trial of Officer Caesar Goodson Jr. for the "depraved heart murder" of 25-year old Freddie Gray has resulted in an acquittal. Since nobody can say for certain when or how the career criminal who attempted to escape received his fatal injuries, the outcome was predictable.

Was he hurt when he was initially tackled or when he was dragged to the paddy wagon or during the ride? None could tell. That is why the State Attorney Marilybn Mosby was so far off the mark in her so far futile attempts to have the arresting officers convicted of hideous crimes,

She had those officers so harshly charged because she was a political operator trying to make her mark in the State, while at the same time placating the rioters who were ravaging the West Side of Baltimore.

Those anarchists have committed between 30 and 40 murders a month since Gray died in police custody. As far as I know there has been zero outcrys from either city residents or those outside protestors who insist that police killings are the civil rights issue of our era.

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