Ataturk Attack

by Geraldo Rivera | Jun 30, 2016

Ataturk is Turkey's largest airport & a major transport hub. It is also the destination for the soon to be renewed flights between Turkey and Israel.

I believe there is good possibility that Turkey's current outreach to Israel may have specifically triggered an attack that probably would have been carried out here, there or elsewhere anyway.

Turkey is in the middle of a hurricane of terror generated by the Syrian War which Turkey has grossly misjudged and misplayed. Now as Prime Minister Erdogan tries to recalibrate his nation's posture in the middle of the deadly storm, there will be hell to pay.

Now, Turkey must join the West and fight the common enemy of Islamist (Sunni) Extremist Violence led by ISIS.

* * * *

Now that Turkish officials say they are reasonably certain that the savages that killed 43 and injured scores of others at Istanbul Airport yesterday were foreign ISIS operatives, I think a pivotal moment has arrived.

The Turks, up until now, have been unreliable allies in the fight on terror. The nation has allowed Sunni Muslim extremists free reign to transit to and from Syria, even tacitly supporting the terrorists in their fight against the Shiite government in Damascus.

Turning a blind eye to atrocities commited by their co-religionists in ISIS, Turkey has unleashed it's forces instead on the Kurds.

The Istanbul Airport carnage will change that. It will change everything. Now even the Islamic government of Turkey understands that ISIS is a perversion of Islam and an existential danger to itself.

In the way the attacks on Pearl Harbor outraged and mobilized the USA against Japan and Germany in WWII, so too the Istanbul attacks have outraged and will mobilize the Turks against ISIS. They have sealed their doom.

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