Mr. President, Guide Our Stricken Nation

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 11, 2016

It is not too late for the president to guide our stricken nation away the chaos now threatening to unravel our integrated society.

1-When he goes to Dallas Tuesday his first priority and focus must be the cops. This was an outrageous assault on the Thin Blue Line without which our world would descend in savagery.

2-Comforting the cops families, who I pray welcome him into their homes, he must stress that cops are not and can not be regarded as the enemy.

3-When Taps has stilled and probably in another venue, he can address the undeniable fact that too many black men are dying needlessly in encounters with cops. He should meet with these victims' families in their homes as well. And he must again restate what he has said about Black Lives Matter. For all its faults and excesses, BLM has tapped into a harsh reality: too many black moms are more afraid of cops than crooks when their kids go out at night.

4-But POTUS must also point out two more undeniable facts: black on black gun violence is the well spring of these tragic encounters. Far more young black men fall victim to other young black men than to cops. And there are too many guns in their and other's hands. We have more guns than people.

As currently construed, the 2d Amendment has run amuck.

Remember my main point about guns. Try to block out the gun lobby noise. Whether a miscreant's motivation is radical Islam or race hatred or apocalyptic anarchy or spite or jealousy or itchy toe fungus, there is no doubt the perp will be able to arm his sorry self with an arsenal more potent than many police precincts.

Want to know about the need for gun control? Ask a cop.

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