Hillary Clinton Will Regain The Lead

by Geraldo Rivera | Jul 28, 2016

Look for Hillary Clinton soon to regain the lead in the Race for the White House. Too much of Donald Trump's support seems thin and emotional, kind of careening from one news cycle to the next.

Last night's Democratic Convention was a Donald-Punch-a-thon that will severely test the notion that the Republican nominee is Teflon Don impervious to criticism.

Even his previous thick skin can not have prepared him for last night's character assassination, which careened from derogatory name-calling, to outright accusations of fraud and greed and worst of all: it was wrapped in ridicule.

With POTUS leading the charge, with assists from his wingman Joe Biden, Trump-hating New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and feisty Democratic VP nominee Senator Tim Kaine, Mr. Trump was excoriated, libeled and indicted. My guess is that since most folks don't really know Trump, some of the slander will stick, affecting swing voters sufficiently to head the pendulum back Hillary's way.

Assuming her acceptance speech tonight is both hopeful, well-written and includes some contrition for past sins, Hillary should finish the week on top. If she doesn't, it's over and Trump wins. And even if she does succeed tonight, this race is a nail-biter.

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